Monday, September 17, 2012


PornoTwitter is a proof of how porn companies or porn industry has been really aware of the use of social media (in this case, it refers to twitter). Many people who are developing their porn industry will always go along with utilizing social media for the fullest advantage. The growing number of social media users urges the porn company owners to plunge themselves in utilizing social media as their effective and efficient marketing tool. Kinds of sex toys, free xxx videos, xxx movies, and porn entertainment are promoted through social media. By that, the porn company owners are successfully reaching their targeted audience who will be the potential buyers or consumers. Therefore, social media can be a good partner for porn industry.

It is a nature of human beings that they will always need kinds of adult contents to fulfill their sex needs. Besides, the number of social media users is growing rapidly from time to time or from second to second throughout the world. The presence of Porn Twitter succeeds in bringing porn industry to its success. Porn industry finds out that using social media as the marketing and promotion media is very effective in terms of money saving with satisfactory results in sales. Nowadays, most people have mobile devices that help them to always keep connected to the cyber world. More so, they will tend to make updates in their social media to be shared to their friends. Realizing that a person can open his/her social media account in every several minutes, porn industry discovers a chance to introduce the products or services from social media as well.

 To sum up, social media will always bring a great success for porn industry. It is because most of porn companies will be able to reach their targeted audience much easier without too many efforts.