Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wellness, Health And Fitness For Me, Myself And I

A smile is an integral part of relationships. The body operates best when positive emotions pass through it. If we experience negative emotions passing through our bodies it may lead to stress. A positive lifestyle may be associated with prosperity. Once you have mastered good life habits there is no option to trade off.
Sexual gratification with your spouse is a given. The more you give the more you receive. A stamp of approval by the Creator has established a covenant with both of you that's everlasting, beginning to end, first to last, Alpha and Omega. Amen.
Sending someone an e-mail is a great way to stay in touch. A social life is important and should be factored into a wholesome lifestyle. A conference on a cruise with a group will allow you to stay connected while having fun. Corporate, Toastmaster and investment conferences are excellent ways to stay empowered, informed and meet with your group. If you lack maturity on important matters or have low-self esteem, and would like to see personal growth in other areas of your life, consider plans for group like settings.
Have you decided what is important to you and attainable? This is the beginning of your journey down the yellow brick road. Don't worry about how to get there, but why it's important that you go there. The how will show up later as you quest forward.
Negative emotions are a nuisance, beware of them. Positive emotions can uplift and help you to heal. Positive emotions will also build your confidence and hope for the future. Recognize that it's normal to experience sadness, it means you are hurt, broken or tenderhearted. First, when you receive bad news, try to get all the facts, repeating information is not easy. Second, you must maintain a sincere conversation not allowing things to escalate into wide spread gossip. We may loose valuable information every time we attempt to pass it on to another individual.
Develop a habit of being kind to oneself. You must learn how to meet some of your own needs. You are not being selfish if you treat yourself a few hours each month. Work on a sensible budget that allows you to do something meaningful with family or friends frequently. Allow for a long distance call as an example to a former co-worker.
As you incorporate wellness into your lifestyle an epiphany is transparent and material things will become less important. The best things in life are achievable through practice, mastery and relationships. The best things in life are priceless, a price tag placed on an item cannot be defined as priceless. Don't wait until an individual is no longer present and wish that; if only I had taken more time things could have turned out differently.

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