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Are You Physically and Emotionally Broken? - The Road to Health and Wellness

Today seventy five percent of the world's population is walking around in pain and is suffering from some type of health disorder or disease. All of these disorders or diseases are brought on by four physical factors; trauma, toxins, stress, and nutrient deficiencies. Your illness did not overcome you in a day, a week, or a month, it has taken a life time of constant bombardment of physical, emotional, and environmental elements and events that surround you every day.
You are not 100% blameless! You were a key component and have participated in your physical and emotional demise. All of your life you have been given the guideline to maintain health and wellness. Unfortunately, most all of us ignored what we were told and we failed to practice the healthy habits put before us. The good news is that you can turn many of your health issues around no matter the level of your current physical or emotional condition. Can you gain full recovery, maybe, it depends if you have done permanent damage to organs in your body.
In areas where you have not, a full recovery can be expected. The key to the level of recovery is your willingness to invest your time, energy, and the resources needed to recover. Meaning you will need to apply effort if you want to change your ultimate physical outcome. The information that you are about to learn will change your life forever once applied. It will provide you a higher quality of life, more energy, and emotional clarity and strength.
If you want this you will read on. You need to continue to learn good health habits and apply them on a daily basis. These habits are not difficult and can be accomplished by everyone who is willing to follow them. It will take focus and discipline. One of the keys to your success is appointing a wellness coach; as they will keep you accountable, encourage you regularly, and admonish you when needed. None of us are strong enough to maintain the discipline or focus without someone keeping us on track. You will be expected to push yourself just enough, enabling you to move forward.
But you will never be expected to punish yourself. This is what a coach provides, they know the difference between torture and progress. They gradually add health habits to your daily regiment as you become capable to endure them. And as you do you will be feeling better and stronger. But first, let's analyze how you got into your current condition. Pain and stiffness are the results from years of exposure to trauma, toxins, stress, and nutrient deficiencies. In many cases people are diagnosed as having fibromyalgia.
This diagnosis is stage one of a four stage complex physiological phenomenon that will occur if you do not take measures to rid yourself of these health issues. The first stage begins with fibromyalgia then leads on to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, with the final outcome of Post Distress Disorder. You may be in one or more of these stages, and utilizing medications will not reverse this process. Medications alleviate the symptoms, reduce your pain, but will only prolong the inevitable, and your physical and emotional condition will continue to decline and shorten your life.
The conditions you are suffering from, in many cases, started at seven to nine years of age. And you have developed coping mechanisms denying the symptoms and over time you have allowed them to take control and dominate your body and you are no longer able to heal and recover from the environment surrounding you.. All of these disorders and diseases are caused by an overreaction to your immune system.
Finally it reaches a point to where your immune system completely breaks down, and even the slightest health issue puts you in a complete tail spin. The primary mechanism that the body uses to ward off foreign objects or over baring emotional responses is through a process call inflammation. There is good inflammation and there is bad inflammation. Good inflammation protects the body through the following processes, swelling, creating heat to kill infections, pain to notify the brain that you are hurt, and it causes the body to send nutrients to the damaged or infected areas for healing. Inflammation is brought on by trauma, toxins, stress, and nutrient deficiencies.
Bad inflammation is inflammation that is out of control and never turns off. This is known as chronic inflammation. When this occurs, the body's immune system remains on twenty four hours a day. When this happens healing in the body shuts down. Your body is now unable to provide your system the nutrients and healing capability that it needs. So you become in constant pain, have lack of energy, and in many cases run fevers throughout your body continuously.
Your immune system continues to run, but no healing is taking place. Your body does not have enough nutritious materials to heal itself. When this continues over a long period of time you eventually become disabled. There is a way out, even if your doctor tells you that there is not and you are stuck where you are at. If you are ready to make a positive change in your life you will read on.
This article gives you the steps that you will need to take, to make the necessary improvements to your health and your life. But first, here is a little reality check for you. I am 55 years old. I have an auto immune disease call Neurosarcoidosis. All of my doctors told me that it was not curable and that I needed to resolve myself that my life of pain and discomfort was what I had to look forward to. This was the conclusion from working 60 to 70 hours weekly for 30 years. My body was over inflamed, my immune system was in over drive, and the final outcome was a complete physical and emotional breakdown.
This chronic inflammation manifested itself in Neurosarcoidosis. For thirteen years I lived this nightmare with no hope for change. Then out of the blue a friend called me and offered me a product that would relieve my pain. I wanted the relief, but I wanted much more than that. I wanted to feel good all over again, I wanted to be able to do the things I use to be able to do. Paint the house, work in the yard, go for walks, play golf, and simply bend over and touch my toes. What I was about to discover was, I could now do all of these things again in my life that I was wanting to do. Was it going to be easy? No! But it was possible, So here goes.
There are steps that you can take to get your health and life back. Step #1: You need to be willing to change your daily habits. You need to purpose, to feel good again. You need to want to feel good. And most importantly you need to believe that you can feel good again. This needs to be a personal goal of yours. If it is not you will fail. But let me make this very clear to YOU! If you fail it will be your failure a lone, no one and nothing else will have caused this failure. You will not be able to blame anyone but yourself for not getting better.
Not your doctor, your family, your friends, or even God. All of your doctors have been telling you that it is not your fault, you could not help it, and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is all a lie. You can go ahead and get mad at me, get angry, say I don't know what I am talking about. Who does he think he is? I know who I am. I am that someone who beat the odds because I was unwilling to listen to all of my doctors that told me I had to go into a corner and die. The choice is yours.
You can continue to read on, or you can delete this article. Step #2: Now that you are on board, you will need to make some changes in your life. These changes need to be done slowly over time, but they must be done consistently.
You will start out slow and you will add more to your daily routine as you are capable. It took you years to get where you are at and it will take you time to get back to a healthier state. It has taken me over a year to normalize. Remember you will need a coach to see you through. I am not at 100%, I am at about 75% and I am getting better every day.
Here is a list of things that you will need to incorporate in to your personal wellness journey.
• You will need to incorporate deep breathing into your daily activities (three times each day)
• You will need to drink plenty of water each day (one half your body weight in ounces every day)
• You will need to do stretching exercises each day (this is a gradual process)
• You will need to listen to audios every day to learn about health and fitness
• You will need to lose weight if need be and it is required that you are committed to do this.
• You must stay in contact with your coach 5 times each week to review your progress and to receive encouragement
• You will need to commit to a daily regimen taking the nutrients your body needs
• You must be willing to change your sleeping habits
• You must be willing to change your eating habits (eat only healthy foods)
• You must be willing to learn how to forgive yourself and others
• You must be willing on a daily basis to have quiet and meditation time
• You must be willing each day to perform some type of exercise routine (five to ten minutes daily)
• You must be willing to put this first on your priority list of things to do each day You are a unique person and your program will be tailored for you. You will go at the pace that you are able to, but that does not mean comfortable with. You need to learn to push yourself without killing yourself.
• This is your life, do you want it back.
• Failure is not an option
• Success is a matter of will power
If you choose not to follow a long it is a guarantee you will have a shorter and lower quality of life Over the past year these are the results that I received:
• My blood pressure was reduced from 144/95 to 120/80
• My pulse was reduced from 84 bpm to 73 bpm
• My blood oxygen was increase from 89% to 97%
• My weight loss was 277 lbs to 230 lbs My doctors were completely blown away by my progress...
I am now able to exercise for up to one hour and a half every other day incorporating aerobic exercises, sit ups, and weight lifting. All of this is done considering my current capabilities and I never over strain or try to accomplish more than I am capable of.
You too can be put on a similar program. This is my gift of health; to individuals like you who really want to get their lives back. It does not matter if you are 20 or 80 years old I have a program for you. The goal is to feel better and to live a higher quality of life. If you really want this, I will help you accomplish this.
The keys to your success are; a desire to succeed, a commitment to reach your goals, an accountability partner (without this you will fail, one must be accountable to someone beside them self), a plan that will work for you. So do not procrastinate, contact me NOW!!! Warm regards and best wishes to meet your health goals!!!
For you or anyone to become healthy once again, they need to make the decision that they are going to do what it takes. Most everyone will tell you that you are wasting your time; that you are who you are and where you are suppose to be.
Well I am here to tell you that you that this is not true and you are not stuck with your current life. And the reason I know this is because somewhere around you there is someone or something that is out there waiting to help you to fulfill your life purposes. And I know that your life purpose for you right now is to getting well. And I also know that, that someone is me and the something is a Company by the name of TriVita. Together our mission is to share health and wellness around the world. We do this by helping individuals like you complete their personal wellness journey, on a day by day basis, one step at a time to giving them their health back.
If you are willing to allow us to lead, share with, and mentor you; you can once again live a life of heath and wellness. The choice is yours, it is but a phone call or email away. But before you accept our offer please go to the following website and list in a four part series that will help you to understand how you are in the condition you are in. And then take the time to watch a short video call the 10 Essentials to health and wellness.

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